Flower Arrangements
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We work to support the development of meaningful life skills for our12yo Matthew who has a rare genetic condition called Angelman Syndrome, which affects his nervous system, making him non-verbal with severe learning difficulties. 

Our business launched in June 2021 with a range of hand made floral creations by Matthew and his younger sister Petra. We have expanded our craft to include hand made eco-soya candles, as well as life-lasting silk flower arrangements.

Part of our proceeds go towards local charities that provide vital activities for people with special needs. 


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Flower Bouquet

We are a family run business, with Matthew (age 12) at the heart of being involved in every creation - from choosing, to cutting, to crafting, to delivering.  He has a rare genetic condition called Angelman Syndrome, which affects his nervous system, leaving him non-verbal and causes severe physical and learning difficulties.
Angelman Syndrome is limiting in many ways, but does not limit Matthew's ability to explore, develop, create and gift! 

Forever his "Little-Big" sister, Petra (age 10), is on hand to create and support. She helps with the set up, the arranging, ensuring that Matthew stays on task and helps tidy up! She also comes up with excellent names for our products. 

Mum holds a Floral Design diploma from the Judith Blacklock School of Flowers and is currently studying Horticulture with the RHS. She also wears the Quality Control hat, the Health, Safety & Risk Compliance hat, Social media control hat, and general "Mum" hat.

Dad is on hand with a very supportive critical eye and many helpful comments like "That's a keeper", or "That is definitely not!". He is also an excellent photographer on the occasions he is able to capture some team work happening.

Our purpose is quite simple: to help Matthew develop meaningful life skills for his future. A therapist told us many years ago that it will take a mainstream child 100 attempts to master milestones like going up/down stairs, gripping a pencil, or getting dressed, but it will take a child like Matthew millions of tries before he masters any of these.  He has indeed mastered all of these and so much more over the years! With these SEN.sational creations we are supporting his life skills development so that his future is full of opportunity.

Thank you for supporting his development and our journey with your purchase.

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Flower Arrangements
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